Simon Sinek's Ruse - Sales and the Art of Communication

Posted On: 06 March 2018


One day after seeing the same Simon Sinek video posted online for the 10,000thtime, Logan Wedgwood tells us how he said “enough is enough!”

"I studied his video over and again until I worked out how he engages so many people. His trick. How he gets so many people on his side. Why so many people share his videos.

"He does have a trick… several actually. He starts a conversation by getting you to agree with small obvious “yes’s”, where any other answer would seem absurd as he works his way towards the complex question and states his answer. By this stage you are putty in his hands. You are nodding away and agreeing like your head is on a spring. Any answer but his now seems outrageous. Clever trick. His body language, tone and clever questioning have you at goodbye."

But that’s not all

"He is actually an incredible articulator, an orator and a brilliant public speaker. A man who can take the complex and distil it down into the most-simple of messaging, the easiest communication, the path of no resistance. Then he drives the point home until everyone agrees with him.

"Simon actually comes from a back ground in ad-land, which makes sense, because advertising is simply communicating as much as you can in the most succinct way possible. A single image: A cigarette and James Dean. A Swoosh and Just Do it. Got Milk and a question mark. The power of a single sentence: “So today, whether you woke up feeling defeated or unstoppable, know there is a sentence hidden away on a library shelf somewhere that understands exactly how you feel.”

"Simon Sinek takes the refined communication process, the art of selling, and a little human manipulation to create a convincing one-way conversation on the core driver of the issue.

"I am envious of his ability to communicate the complex and communicate it so well. If there is one thing I continually strive to be better at, it is the art of communicating well."

Here are 6 tips from Simon Sinek on communicating well:

  1. Don’t talk right away.
  2. Show up to give, not to take.
  3. Make eye contact.
  4. Speak unusually slowly.
  5. Ignore the naysayers.
  6. Turn nervousness into excitement.

In my opinion every sales person or leader should be spending as much time as they can spare on improving their communication and trying to understand their own offering better. Albert Einstein said, “If you can’t describe it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

Figure out how to distil communications down to the most succinct of messaging. Investigate how to use body language and tone and imaging to hammer home your point.

Learn to communicate more succinctly, and increase your sales. It’s as simple as that.



This blog was written by LOGAN WEDGWOOD, a Strategic Advisor AND SALES SPECIALIST for Advisory.Works


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