3 successful company cultures to inspire you

Posted on: 26 July 2017

Employee engagement and workplace culture is the topic on every CEO’s report card. When we think of the best culture role models in the business world, companies such as Google, Facebook, Bain & Company spring to mind. All are major US-based multinationals. Which leaves us wondering, who are the stars in our little corner of the globe?

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5 warning signs of negative culture in the workplace

Posted on: 18 July 2017

It’s all very well talking about creating a great organisational culture, but how do you know if the opposite is plaguing your business? What does negative culture in the workplace look like?

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5 reasons why organisational culture is important

Posted on: 12 July 2017

If the leadership of an organisation is like a brain, then organisational culture is its beating heart. As the doctors say, keeping your heart healthy is vital to a long and high-quality life. If the heart is failing, then the body is going to suffer. Just like your business.

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What is organisational culture?

Posted on: 07 July 2017

Monday. We’ve all been there at some point in our lives. The alarm goes off and the disappointment sets in. The weekend is over and it’s back into the working week. A typical bout of Mondayitis. It passes—usually. But when Mondayitis turns to Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday-itis, it could be a symptom of poor organisational culture. Especially if the rest of the office has caught it too.

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